Warehouse Automation Solutions

Consumer demands have changed. Simply put, warehouse automation has not. The market deserves more flexible warehouse automation, designed to adapt to your specific fulfillment process and flexible enough to scale to growing demand and adjust to fluctuations in seasonal business. Optegra's warehouse automation solutions provide just that. Our solutions can be applied to all of the picking models, and combined to create a flexible and customized warehouse automation solution.

Flexible and Adaptable

Optegra warehouse robots are designed to work for a wide range of applications, including each pick and a variety of tote materials and sizes directly from your existing shelving. No construction project required!

Eliminates Travel Time

Don't waste time and money, and their safety, bringing operators to fend for themselves in warehouse aisles. All of our warehouse automation solutions collaborate with your human team to drive picking and replenishment efficiency.

Gets the Job Done

Failover support and redundancy with standby warehouse robots ready to go and safe, open access to the pick face for human collaboration. No single point of failure. Simply turn it on.

Calculated Productivity

Maximize labor efficiency and throughput by simply signing in/out of pack stations, replenishment stations and warehouse aisle locations. Optegra RMS automatically directs robot tasks to labor ready to receive it.

Focused on ROI
in months, not years

Pay for what you need today and grow the system as your business grows, not spend huge now and hope for the future. ROI in months, not years.

Incrementally Scalable

The true defintion of scalable. Add or remove singular robots, pack stations, replenishment stations and more as your business grows or seasonally adjusts, customized for your exact needs.

Just give us your order data, layout and goals...we will do the rest!

Deployed in weeks, not months.

ROI in months, not years.

Our mobile robotic warehouse solutions can be deployed and completely paid off before the other guys can even deliver.
We offer a free warehouse operation consultation and ROI estimate for projects of any size.
Call or click today and start saving tomorrow.